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  What We Do  

We have daily cultural activities all over the country. That means that more than 500 people participate yearly in our activities.
We organize study visits to promote, on site, our cultural heritage. In Lisbon, these visits happen almost daily; we run the country North to South and we also have the possibility of knowing a little bit about Spanish heritage. Furthermore, we have International Study Visits that have already taken our groups into Iran, Jordan, Egypt, Brazil, India and wherever there is Portuguese historical presence.
We also play an important role in the cultural and social education of your youngsters, with the help of our Educational Projects based on historic themes: the cultural change of products in the XVI and XVII th centuries, between Portugal, Brazil and India and the medieval daily life that take place in São Bruno Fort (Caxias, Oeiras) and in Medieval Lisbon.
Trough the Heritage department we are active in the rescue of our castles and fortresses: we are partners with the governmental authorities in recovering Tomar’s Castle; we believe that people are the primary agents in the protection of their heritage, and so we promote actions to bring them closer to their monuments; we also maintain an extensive inventory of our fortified monuments, as well as an image database.

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